Man is semi-rational at best. Capable of perceiving rationality but incapable of fully realizing it.

There is no such thing as a "natural right". Rights must be claimed and fought for from those with power.

It is wrong to approach philosophy in search of perfect truth. It is wrong to discount a philosophical argument for being imperfect. The value of philosophy may sometimes be to generate more ideas.

Truth can only be subjective and never objective. We cannot experience or interpret anything except as a subject observing an object.

There may be a single physical reality (or maybe not) but there is no reason to think a particular human can perfectly understand and interpret that reality.

Truth is only an agreement.

One moment of anger can outlast years of kindness.

Humans only interact with the world through abstractions.

Even when we don't understand something, everything continues to make sense, because we are uncomfortable with not knowing.

Humans are fundamentally uncomfortable with the role of randomness in our lives.

Looking to Heaven, we created Hell on earth.

Death should be feared no more than sleeping. It should be worshipped no more than breathing.

Adopt concerns as your own, don't dismiss them, but overcome them together.

Treat people like people, not objects to be used or overcome.

Get stuck. Make it not make sense. Empty your cup. That's when true understanding begins.

A million little thoughts string together to make a big idea.

Quality is no more than the meeting of expectation.

Be brave enough to ask questions. Be secure enough to show uncertainty.

Who would win in a battle of wisdom? Proverb or curiosity?

Late wisdom is better than early foolishness.

The first twist of the tap is the hardest. After that, it's harder to turn it back off.

Ideas are infinite, the trick is not coming up with one, but picking one.

Dogma serves itself, but curiosity serves the truth.

Life bent to principles is suffocating, principles bent from life are... what?

Thoughts flow easy in the head but are hard to pull off the tongue.

Start from the individual and work your way out.

Start from the bottom and work your way up.